Move windows between monitors using a hotkey in xfce

Also should work in other window managers.

Install xdotool

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Figure out the geometry of the destination by moving a terminal to the target location and size and running:

xfce4-terminal --hide-borders
xdotool getactivewindow getwindowgeometry

Giving for example,

Window 102778681
  Position: 2560,1119 (screen: 0)
  Geometry: 1050x1633

Sometimes terminals size themselves oddly, so you can do this instead:

ID=`xdotool search firefox`

And then use the ID:

xdotool getwindowgeometry $ID

There’s also an issue with the window decorations, so you’ll have to correct for that. Mine were 22 pixels tall.

Finally setup a hotkey with:

xdotool getactivewindow windowmove 2560 1119 windowsize 1050 1633

My hotkeys:

xdotool getactivewindow windowmove 440 0 windowsize 1680 1028 # top monitor
xdotool getactivewindow windowmove 0 1050 windowsize 1277 1549 # left on middle monitor
xdotool getactivewindow windowmove 1280 1050 windowsize 1277 1549 # right on middle monitor
xdotool getactivewindow windowmove 2560 1075 windowsize 1050 1633 # right monitor